An aesthetic farewell

Okay, hi diminutive group of followers (and internet blog stumblers). This is a greeting and a farewell. I thought that devoting a blog solely to book covers was a good idea. And it was, in theory. Unfortunately, the reality is that I am too busy being a three-dimensional person to upkeep two two-dimensional blogs.

Therefore all stuff I would be posting here is going on the original blog, which covers among other things, literature, poetry, off-kilter pop and book design. I may have mentioned it a few dozen times. It's called POP PHILOSOPHY. Pop by, say hi, stay the night if you want. And definitely come and check out the incredible work of graphic designer Timea Andorka. She's super great (and also below). These images are originally from Caustic Cover Critic, another favourite.

I'm sorry that it's over.
But we had fun, didn't we?
I'll never forget what we had here.
Don't think of this as goodbye. Think of it instead, as au revoir.

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