Cormac McCarthy Picador Covers

As with many books now, they only gain world wide attention after they have been made into a film. When Cormac McCarthy's The Road was adapted last year, so too were his books given a new lease of life.

the entire collection

Commissioned by U.K. book publisher Pan Macmillan, British designer David Pearson redesigned the author's entire collection for the Picador reprint. After purchasing a copy of The Road (of course! The famous one! The one that is now a film populated by attractive film stars!) I can state my admiration for the design - it is both interesting, individual, striking, and above all, entirely appropriate. It sets the tone of the writing before one even lifts the front cover, which is a feat indeed considering the scale of the mammoth landscapes inhabited by McCarthy's hardy protagonists - from post apocalyptic urban decay to blood thirsty Mid-Western bounty hunters, all in complimentary fonts. Perfection.

And then I found this one, which must be by the same guy, right? RIIGGGHTT???


  1. I have copies of The Road and No Country For Old Men - both have fairly uneventful spine fonts unfortunately! A vague variation on Ariel or Helvetica. Perhaps they left all the excitement for the front??

  2. Any advice on where to find these online? Live in California been searching avidly

  3. I think Amazon has nearly all of them. Of course it's a bit of a risk as sometimes the copy you receive isn't the one pictured. But that's my best bet!