I mostly hate Quentin Blake's illustrations. I can't explain why - it's some kind of instinctive revulsion. Yes, I know I shouldn't say it because everybody loves them, but there we are. However, this one here, utilised by the incredible manufacturer's of BEN'S COOKIES, I think is fitting, charming and makes me trust (and also want to eat!) the said cookies.

I can't help feeling Catherine Rayner would strongly disagree with my Quentin Blake verdict. But that's ok. Afer all, I love her work!


  1. I couldn't find anyone else who shares the same feeling about Quentin Blake's illustrations. As a child, what kept me at arms length from Road Dahl books was the horrible illustrations. I couldn't stand it. I always wanted to redraw them. I only read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after seeing the beautiful visuals on screen.

  2. Ah - this is such a relief! I feel like I can't talk about it either! Recently I saw an interview with Quentin Blake where he talked about how he wants the illustrations to look free, spontaneous and scratchy, but actually spends a lot of time plotting them. My advice to him is Don't Bother. They actually make me feel strangely repulsed, which is something Ic an't quite understand.

    Also, in other news, this blog has gone a bit defunct now - I find it difficult to upkeep two blogs while maintaining something close to a 'real' life. Pop over to my other blog to the right, Pop Philosophy. There are loads of book covers there to! Thanks for your comment! X

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