well hello there!

Hi. My name's Henry. If you've read my other blog, POP PHILOSOPHY, you may already know this, but the likely hood is that you won't know, and now, even though you know, you may not care especially. But this is a blog where that doesn't matter at all, as it is not about me, it's about books.

Seeing as I have been nurturing a growing obsession with books and their covers, I have decided to devote an entire blog to them. You may notice some flux between the two, but that's okay too, as the content of this will remain fairly niche - books!

What I would really love is to get a dialogue going, so if you have anything to say, please feel free to voice it in the comments box below. It's always nice to meet people as passionate about something as yourself. Go on, don't be a stranger.

To kick start the Aesthetic Book Blog is this wonderful and sinister cover to Charles Bukowski's collection of poems that date between 1974 - 1977. I don't know who the designer is, so give me a heads up if you know. And I can't decide if it's screen print or etching - or both, or neither! Again, any opinions appreciated. Regardless of my ignorance, I still love looking at it. Its got a kind of Medieval/Bauhaus thing going on, which I think really is a winner.

And here's a sample poem, which I neither wrote nor originally uploaded. Instead I found it HERE, on his matching website.

the price
drinking 15 dollar champagne
Cordon Rouge with the hookers.

one is named Georgia and she
doesn't like pantyhose :
I keep helping her pull up
her long dark stockings.

the other is Pam prettier
but not much soul, and
we smoke and talk and I
play with their legs and
stick my bare foot into
Georgia's open purse.
it's filled with
bottles of pills. I
take some of the pills.

"listen," I say, "one of
you has soul, the other
looks. can't I combine
the 2 of you? take the soul
and stick it to the looks?"

"you want me," says Pam, "it
will cost you a hundred."

we drink some more and Georgia
falls to the floor and can't
get up.

I tell Pam that I like her
earrings very much. her
hair is long and a natural

"I was only kidding about the
hundred," she says.

"oh," I say, "what will it cost

she lights her cigarette with
my lighter and looks at me
through the flame :

her eyes tell me.

"look," I say, "I don't think I
can ever pay that price again."

she crosses her legs
inhales on her cigarette

as she exhales she smiles
and says, "sure you can."


  1. I want to take photos of some of my book covers now because all I do is stare at them and wish that I had some platform from which to show them to the world.

  2. Amber, totally take pictures of them and send them to me and i'll feature them on this new little blog of mine. By the way, impressive speed in finding this - I only made it yesterday!

  3. yeah, i found it by looking at my 'stats' and under traffic sources this came up! circuitous.

  4. oh and here's the antithesis of this blog http://awfullibrarybooks.net/